Friday, 2 October 2015

Why you should travel around the world?

Why you should travel around the world?
Everyone creates their own world. We determine the kind of friends that suit us, the food we love, the kind of work we enjoy the most, and what more, the kind of wife or husband to marry; this is something that I appreciate about the world. Leaving on those factors constant, there is nothing in this world that shapes who we are than our environment. Our environment is full of different mentalities and these shape our way of thinking. I was asked by someone that why should I travel around the world yet I live a fabulous life. This is what I said:

Appreciate yourself.
We live in cities where everyone has the access to the same resources as anyone else: we all shop at the same stores, live in the same styled apartments, and we have access to the same civil services. In such a world, it really becomes difficult to find your uniqueness and, sometimes, this makes life boring. I have a great friend who was among the first generation users of internet services in Uganda, most of the times he would boost about chatting with foreigners using platforms like the reknown pen pals sites. He felt unique that he had international friends. But with the internet now covering most parts of the country, his uniqueness has varnished. Everyone can now have international friends if they want.
To fully see that you’re different, you need to go to another environment that is different from the one you live in; and the only to do this is to travel.

Boost the love for your country.
If you are keen enough to notice the differences that you have when you compare your own country to the country you’re visiting, there shall be moments when you feel that your country is doing better, and this shall make you love it the more. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from a third world country visiting a first world country or either way, there are always differences in the environment we live in. I lived in Algeria for some time as a student. I remember we used to eat sweet bananas that were imported from Ecuador. Although they seemed good, I preferred ones from my country, Uganda, and seeing this difference; my love for Uganda was somewhat boosted. I realized we had something than I liked that wasn’t available in Algeria. The nice road network in Algeria would not take this reality away from me. I missed things like the jackfruit that you could not find anywhere in Algeria. These seemed like simple unthinkable stuff, but to me, they somewhat mattered.

Change your environment.
It is always a good feeling to experience something new than your daily routine. Life sometimes becomes boring if you continue living in the same environment for some time. Visiting a neighboring town, state or going abroad would have a great impact.

Enhance your business thoughts.
Business is created by solving problems. We are in an era where technology transfer is so fast-what is being done in a particular country can be easily replicated in another. As you are travelling, there are problems that you shall notice in a particular country either by experiencing them or just realizing that they were solved in your own country. Solving them shall imply business. For those that want to expand their businesses to new territories or start a new business, travelling might somewhat help you achieve that.

I know there are milliards of reasons why individuals travel, please share your thoughts with me by either commenting or sending me an email. I had a chat with Mr. Ronald Mawejje, a travel consultant at gorilla tour booking, about why his clients love to travel. He told me they love adventure-just to see a different world.