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Some of the Shopping malls in Uganda.

Some of the Shopping malls in Uganda.
In the 1990’s there was nothing like big shopping malls in Uganda however things have changed since then. The rise of big shopping malls started with Garden city shopping mall which is the oldest shopping mall in Uganda. These malls draw a large number of visitors who come to relax, shop, eat, bank, and do other activities.
Here is the list of the shopping malls in Uganda.

Garden City Uganda

This is the oldest shopping mall in Kampala and Uganda. The shopping mall is located along Yusuf Lule road .It’s location is just good to attract visitors who want to get out the Central Business Centre, and go shopping in a cool, quite place. The shopping mall is well planned especially with its parking-there is just enough parking space to accommodate 100s of cars. The parking space architect adds beauty to the shopping mall. The mall has good relaxing benches on all flours; you can relax and make good plans about what you want to shop.  The centric design of the restaurant space at the second and first floor add great beauty to the mall. Supermarkets, Uchumi and Capital shoppers, situated at the mall attract numbers of shoppers. If you are moving around the mall, there are brands that easily recognizable. These include: Bata, a shoe shop; Aristoc booklex, a book shop; Woolworth-fashion house with high end designs; and worth Avenue, a perfume shop. For those interested in dinning out, there are several restaurants to check out-dominos, café pap, sound cup, and many more.

Nakumatt Oasis mall Uganda.

Nakumatt oasis mall is next to garden city along Yusuf Lule road. Nakumatt supermarket occupies most of the space in the mall however there are other businesses located at the mall. Java café is one of the businesses that you automatically recognize when you’re at the mall-the place is many times parked with expatriates. For those who love Mediterranean foods, you should definitely check out this mall; there are specialty restaurants that offer simply that.

Metroplex shopping mall Uganda.

Why come to the city center to experience noise and traffic of all sorts yet you can easily access the same services which are offered in the city Centre. To me, this is the reason behind the construction of metroplex shopping mall-the mall all the services that you would probably get in the city Centre. The mall is situated in Naalya nearby the Northern bypass, one of the remarkable road construction projects in Uganda. The place is too quite that you might think no-one is in the mall. For those residents who stay in Naalya, Ntinda, and other neighboring parts, I would consider this mall as their mall because it strategically targets residents from those areas however anyone can simply go shop over there. The good thing with the mall is it has its website where you get more information it,www.metroplexmall.com.

Freedom city Uganda

This is one of the most ambitious projects situated along Entebbe road, a main high way that leads to Entebbe International airport. The project inspired so many people because everyone that passed along the road wondered at what was taking place; people could ask themselves questions as to what it was-many suspected it to be a very enormous hotel .To this day, the shopping mall added value to the Entebbe highway- a lot of beauty was added. I mean, this shopping mall looks beautiful. The freedom city mall was constructed by a popular businessman, Sebalamu, who owns several other building in the city center. He said that his inspiration was taken from Garden city-another shopping mall; he dreamt of owning something like that. Finally, he dreams were conceptualized and now we have Freedom City. Stunning features at the mall include two swimming pools, one for the kids and mature people, the kids play center-with several games which they definitely enjoy.

Village Mall Bugolobi.

The mall is situated in Bugolobi in a predominantly luxurious community of Bugolobi. Because of its location, many big brands have been attracted to the mall. Brands like Nakumatt supermarket, Barclays Bank, and MTN have made it their home. What attracted most of the attention of the residents is the establishment of KFC- a USA-based restaurant chain with a global presence in more than 120 countries. This was KFC’s first restaurant in the country.

Lugogo Mall Uganda.

Lugogo mall was among the first establishment of the shopping mall experience in Uganda. The mall is located in Lugogo, a suburb of Kampala, with predominately two major supermarkets-Shoprite and game; both having origins from South Africa. Other establishments include coffee shops, pharmacies, handicrafts shops, MTN customers’ center, UTL consumers’ center, and many more.

Forest Mall Uganda

This mall is located just behind and next to Lugogo mall. It’s a very quiet mall offering all the amenities that would deserve for a better life. Remarkable business at this site include Air Asante, an air charter; banks including Centenary bank, Ecobank, standard chartered; bakeries like International bakery; beauty parlors- PuriSpa, Sparkles salon; pharmacies, IMG Pharmaceuticals ltd.

Victoria mall Entebbe.

This is a newly constructed mall that is situated in Entebbe-Uganda. It is a spacious mall with great beauty. The mall has attracted famous local and international businesses; these include: KFC-the restaurant chain mainly known for its delicious chicken.

Acacia Mall Uganda

The mall has changed the face of Bukoto where it is located. It’s owned by the gulfstream investment, a subsidiary of Mukwano group of companies. Truly it’s great mall with restaurants, spas, and many more.

Tirupati shopping mall Uganda.

This mall is one of the most strategically positioned malls. It is on Ggaba road and a few meters from the American Embassy. It is the nearby mall to all people who stay along Ggaba road. It is owned by Tirupati developments.

Uganda is on better waves as it regards to shopping malls. Though most people may not have noticed their influence apart from seeing their beauty, there is too much impact they have had on our societies: people have got jobs in the malls, many residents are now having a better shopping experience, and our kids are playing better.

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Bugolobi Flats created a lasting relationship between Uganda and Israel.

When you are travelling along Port Bell Road in Kampala, there is one thing that your eyes never miss-the Bugolobi Flats. Bugolobi Flats were built in the 1960’s by the Israelites Construction firms. These flats have become a landmark in Bugolobi-a town where they are located. The flats are composed of over 30 blocks with each block having 32 apartments. Why do people love Bugolobi flats?

The place is Unique.

Bugolobi Flats was a very unique project right from the start; up-to-date, I haven’t heard of a project like this. Its uniqueness is in the way they were constructed. They used long-lasting concrete blocks with a unique texture. The architects that were responsible for developing the area really did a great work. The structural engineers were so ambitious; they excelled in designing the beams, columns, and floors of the blocks.

They have good views.

When standing on Balcones of most apartments, you have a chance to see many parts of Luzira including Lake Victoria. Personally, I love the view of Lake Victoria especially when there is a big vessel sailing through-my eyes enjoy it moving from point-to-point. In addition, the cool breeze that comes from the lake is irresistible; you enjoy the life that comes along with it.

The flats are organized.

The blocks are labeled with numbers; each block is divided into four sections which are uniquely identified by letters from A to D. Each section has 8 apartments which are numbered from one to eight; this makes it easy to identify any apartment.

They are safe.

The security at the block is good. What I observed is that some of the residents are army officers with great ranks. Obviously, you sense that kind of security as you’re moving from block to block.

There are many amenities at the flats.

At the block level, you find things like basketball courts. Young guys enjoy the amenities better than anyone else, they get the chance to compete with each other at the block or inter-block level. Several other activities like cycling are enjoyed by almost everyone. I definitely love to see young guys competing in cycling.

The place is tranquil.

Not like other places were you experience noise pollution, there is tranquility at the flats. You literally hear no sound apart from that of moving cars.

Bugolobi is not very far from the city center.

Bugolobi as a town is located approximately 7.5 kilometers from the city center. This makes it a convenient residential area especially for those working in the city.

The mentality of the people is good.

The flats are mainly filled with middle-size income residents. Everyone you meet is highly positive. This is absolutely good for anybody’s thinking. Like they say the society shapes us so much, those who come in with wrong mentalities find themselves changed within a short period of time. Since residents work in vast array of fields, you get many business opportunities and a chance to network with great people.

Bugolobi has seen a remarkable development as a result of Bugolobi flats. Some institutions were specifically set up as a result of the flats-middle east, a known shopping center in Bugolobi, and St.Kizito schools all developed as a result of the flats.

Many modern homes have since been developed around the area making it one of the iconic residential areas in Uganda.

Uganda was blessed to have the Israelites build the Bugolobi flats. I call the Bugolobi flats a long lasting relationship and mark that Israel established with Uganda.

By Nsobya Micheal, CTO of gorilla tour booking safaris,www.gorillatourbooking.com.

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Why are motorcycles in Uganda dear to its citizens?

boda tour around kampala
Motorcycles are the easiest means of transport in the country- they have outnumbered the number of cars in the country. There are many factors that have contributed to their success story, and these include:

They are good investments.

Countries where the equity markets are active, a large population of the citizens prefers investing their money in the stock markets. In Uganda, many people own motorcycles as an investment: they hire a motorcyclist who gets paid at the end of the day or depending on the agreed upon time. On average motorcyclist make approximately 15 dollars a day which is a good return on investment given that a new motorcycle costs around 1000 dollars. There are some people especially the Indian –Ugandans who buy motorcycles to drive around town either for business or leisure; this is cheap in terms of oil.

They pass anywhere.
What seems impossible for a vehicle is possible for a motorcycle. There are many different routes that are so narrow that vehicles cannot pass however with the help of the motorcycle; you pass in such inaccessible places.

Good for appointments.
If you are in a hurry with the intention of going for any appointment, the best thing would be to use a motorcycle because they are good at maneuvering around town especially when there is traffic jam. The motorcyclists are knowledgeable about the different routes to the destination-they consider the shortest route to the destination.

They are an alternative to taxis.
The taxis common in the country are the 14-seater taxis. It is uncommon to find these taxis that carry a maximum of four people; these are only seen in places like hotels and at the airports usually carrying travellers. There are many parts of the country where you can’t find the either the 14-seater taxis or the 4-seater taxis- the only means that is used in such places are the motorcycles.

Motorcycles employ a large population.
While other parts of the world consider the technology sector and the health sector as sectors that employ a large population of their citizen, the motorcycles employ a large population: they are used to carry passenger who pay them for their service.

They act as cars for some families.
With most of the population not owning cars, many families find themselves using motorcycles as family cars. How does this work? The family gets a trustable motorcyclist, and save his mobile phone number

The next time something is required, they don’t need to go shops; all they do is call the motorcyclist to get it for them. Some parents have turned them into school vans where there are known motorcyclist who come every day to pick up their children and take them directly to school.
It’s amazing how these little machines have simplified people’s lives.
Most of the tour companies including some of the best names like gorilla tour booking safari, www.gorillatourbooking.com have started offering motor cycles tours where you tour around Kampala-the capital city of Uganda with a well-trained motorcyclist.

By Micheal Nsobya-CTO gorilla tour booking safaris, www.gorillatourbooking.com.

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Popular expensive residential towns in Uganda.

kololo, Munyonyo, Naguru, Muyenga, Bugolobi, Buziga, Ntinda, Entebbe,
These are the most popular expensive towns in Uganda where every Ugandan dreams of living. While compiling this list I took into factors like cost per square meter, security around town, frequency of electricity shortages, and road network.

1. Kololo.

Every Ugandan dream of living in Kololo, the town is located just few meters from the central business district of Uganda. This town is thought of as the most expensive and luxurious place to stay in Uganda. It is home to highly influential figures in Uganda from Businessmen to Politian. The security around the town is good-almost every home has private security. One remarkable factor that people love is their road network-all roads are tarmacked, however living in this town is not cheap. A 100 by 100 feet piece of land costs an average of 1m dollars implying that one square meter costs around 1076 dollars.

2. Naguru

Naguru and Kololo are neighboring towns. No wonder they almost fall into the same category. Security is good, nice road networks and a good view of major hills around Kampala.

3. Munyonyo

People love Munyonyo, and one of the factors that has attributed to this is its location. It’s located at the shores of Lake Victoria, and it’s still not very far from the city Centre. People love water. The security in this place is okay. One of the remarkable hotels in this town is the Speke resort Munyonyo, the hotel that hosted several delegates of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting when it was held in Uganda in 2007.

4. Muyenga.

This residential city is favored by many Ugandans partly because of its history. Muyenga has always been known as a place to be. It is home to several expatriates living and working around Kampala. Security around the town is good.

5. Bugolobi.
If you have been to Bugolobi, you definitely guess why this is a dream home town for many Ugandans. The popular figures in the town are the Bugolobi Flats; these are more than 30 with each having 32 apartments. They have a spacious parking just in front of each building. They were built more than 30 years ago but they are still attractive today.

6. Buziga.

If you are looking for a calm town with a high sense of security, you definitely think of Buziga. For those who love a good view of the Lake Victoria without being at the shores, Buziga is a place to be.

7. Ntinda

Ntinda has many residential homes and a sense of class. I asked someone why he would consider living in Ntinda and he told me Ntinda has always been known as a good residential town. Its history still resonates today. The price of land in this place is average that many average Ugandans find them affordable.

8. Entebbe.

Entebbe is home to Uganda’s International airport and the state house. Many of those who love to travel find Entebbe convenient and the best place to live. There is a high sense of security perhaps due to the presence of the state house. Many expatriates love this town especially those working with the UN.

For sure that is my dream list.

By Micheal Nsobya-CTO gorilla tour booking safaris, www.gorillatourbooking.com.

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Popular Fresh fruits in Uganda.

These fruits are almost accessible to every Ugandan. Some Ugandans eat these fruits at a zero cost either by planting them or as a gift from someone. Some of the trees on which these fruits grow are located in road reserves and people always claim they don’t belong to anyone; this is interesting because anyone can have them on a first come first serve basis. People who don’t have direct access to the fruits always buy them at the local markets.

Bananas , Popular Fresh fruits in Uganda. Matoke
Sweet bananas are a major fruit. It is common on every fruit store in the country. Most of the sweet bananas that feed the nation come from the western part of the country. The bananas are easily recognizable that they ready for harvest by the plant having dry banana leaves. The farmer harvests the bunch which is kept in a cool dry place until everything is ripe, ready to be eaten. The sweet bananas can be eaten fresh or used to make other delicious snacks. Some people cut the bananas into small pieces, and fry them as snacks. These are so delicious. The popular pancakes in Uganda are made with sweet bananas. All they do is to mix the bananas with cassava flour to form a paste. The paste is a bit solidified by adding more flour so as to cut the pancakes shapes that you want. Finally, the pancakes shapes are fried for some few minutes to give the real desired delicious pancakes.

Jack fruit.
Jack fruit. ffeene ,uganda,fruits in Uganda

These trees are everywhere around the country especially in the central, eastern, and western parts. There are several species of the jack fruit tree. Although they are available throughout the year, their peak period is during the end of the year. To plant a new plant, all you need to do is to get the seeds, dry them and plant them somewhere. It is amazing to see that most of the fruits are planted by humans without ever noticing that they are doing so. For example, when someone is eating the fruit; they throw the seeds in distant places, and this is where those seeds grow into a mature tree. To know that the fruit is ripe, all you do is to use your palm to hit it, a ripe one produces a deep sound. However, experienced kids don’t do that; they just observe down from the tree and tell that is ripe. The boys especially those who live in the village enjoy this fruit more than anyone else-some stubborn ones climb the tree, get the ripe fruit, and eat it from there without getting down leaving the girls complaining. This is really fun because I experienced it.


Mangoes ,Popular Fresh fruits in Uganda.
Mangoes are not only common in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines, and Bangladesh where they are considered a national tree; Uganda has lots of them. Their peak season is mainly from April to June. There are a wide variety of these fruits in the country. During the harvesting period, mangoes collected from individual farmers by transporting agents who deliver them to big local markets like Nakasero Market, Nakawa Market, and kibuye Market were they are sold to other resellers or directly to the customers. Some of the mangoes are taken to processing companies where they are processed into juice. The juice is then sold locally or exported to regional and international markets. Mangoes have contributed to the health of citizens-during their harvesting time is the time for vitamins intake by many.


Though this fruit is not as popular as the mangoes, it is available throughout the year. Some villages consider it a shame for a family to be without a pawpaw tree. And as a result, almost every family in some villages has them in their gardens. The good thing about this fruit is it requires little care; all you need to do is plants its seeds and go away. Like any fruit, they are sold in major local market and supermarkets-I have heard several success stories where families were lifted out of poverty through papaws.


Some few parts of the country have been successful at growing pineaples. One of the districts that have been successful in the cultivation of pineaples is Kayunga district where they are grown in lots of quantities-some people consider them to be the country’s basket for the fruit. Although a lot of the fruit find its way to the market, a great percentage of it is processed.

By Nsobya Micheal, CTO gorilla tour booking safaris, gorillatourbooking.com.

What Obama missed on his trip to East Africa

President Obama enjoyed his journey to Kenya
President Obama enjoyed his journey to Kenya: the spectacular dance moves, heart-welcoming hugs, the reunion with family members, and many more; but there are so many things he missed out.
Here is a list of what he missed out.

A spectacular view of Mount Kilimanjaro-one of the highest mountain in the world.

Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcanic mountain in Tanzania which is the highest in Africa and the highest free standing mountain in the world. When you are at Amboseli National Park, a Kenyan national park that spreads across the Kenya-Tanzania border, you have memorable views of it. At the park, you stand high chances of meeting the Maasai and visiting their villages. The park is also an inhabitant to a large number of animals including the African Elephants, Cape buffalo, Cheetah, Giraffe, Zebra, Wildebeest and many more. The roads to the park are dusty during dry periods and almost impassable in wet seasons.

Annual migration of the Zebras and the wildebeest.

On an annual basis, during the month of July to September, the Zebras and the wildebeest migrate to and from the Serengeti National park in Tanzania. This happens at the Masai Mara National park which is a Kenyan large game reserve that is contiguous with the Serengeti National park in the Mara region of Tanzania. The park was named in honor of the masai people, and it’s famous for an exceptional population of Masai lions and African leopards.

Gorillas-the most adventurous animals.

 Travellers that move to the East African region find themselves going for a gorilla trekking trip. These massive animals with big trunks, broad chest, and shoulders live in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. The habituated gorillas are shy and have no trouble with humans unless they are mistreated. At this point, they defend themselves. They live in an extended family group of up to 30 members with the adult male, the silverback, being their leader. The role of their leader is to protect and defend the group against any enemy. Its role is witnessed when visitors come by. At first, it observes to see if you are an enemy and after making clear observations, it comes out and starts to display its gymnastics. It’s amazing to see what these animals feed on: they feed on leaves, flowers, fruits, roots, and bamboo. An adult can consume up to 75 pounds each day.

These animals are the backbone of the tourism industry of the region. In fact if you check on all tours and travel websites from East Africa, one thing that you shall notice is they all have gorilla trekking safaris in their tour packages. Many of the tourists that visit them say they are the most adventurous animals; some tourists get so much attached to gorillas that they give them names, send them gifts, and visit them occasionally like they would do to a friend.

The only way to do a gorilla trekking trip is by having gorilla permits which are accessible through travel companies like gorilla tour booking safaris gorillatourbooking.com.

I personally think the president should have enjoyed all this.

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Would you go for a circumcision without pain relief medication?-these people do.

The Bagisu people are founded on the eastern part of the Mountain Elgon circumcision
While most of us go to hospitals to carry out circumcision where you are given pain relief drugs, a certain ethnic group in Uganda known as the Bagisu do it live-they circumcise without pain relief in front of the public.

Who are these people?

The Bagisu people are founded on the eastern part of the Mountain Elgon. Another name for them is the masaba. They speak a local dialect of the lumasaba language called the Lugisu.

Where did this live circumcision come from?

The origin of this practice is uncertain but many have point it to certain factors and stories:
Many have claimed that it was a demand by the banpa when Masaba, their local ancestor wanted to marry. Others say it was due to a complication with the man sexual organs, to save his life; they had to do a circumcision. Another interesting story that came up is that circumcision was a punishment for fornication.

How is it done?

The person to be circumcised announces it publicly by dancing around several towns. They start the process by putting on a traditional wear, and they start to dance traditionally with the help special band. These band members play several tunes while being followed by an entourage. People especially the young one love their music called akadodi - they follow them whenever they go. You can easily recognize that this is the person to be circumcised even at hundreds of meters away from the entourage by observing their traditional hat. The person who is to be circumcised wears this hat. The hat is specifically large in a triangular form with the base being worn in their head. The color of this hat is white and black. Some Bagisu decorate it with several lights so that it is visible during the night.

After the announcement, they get ready for the circumcision in public with the help of a circumciser and his assistant. They use special knives to do so.

The circumcision is so fast. The assistant circumciser pulls the foreskin of the penis and the circumciser cuts it off. He then cuts another layer of the penis which is believed to into the top cover of the penis if this not removed. Finally, he cuts off a certain muscle on the lower part of the penis.
If that is done, you are now declared a man.

This kind of practice has started to attract tourists apart from the famous gorilla tracking safaris which are booked through companies like gorilla tour booking safaris,www.gorillatourbooking.com.

Why is Uganda,the precious,pearl of Africa part 1

Acholi 2. Alur 3. Baamba 4. Babukusu 5. Babwisi 6. Bafumbira 7. Baganda 8. Bagisu 9. Bagungu 10. Bagwe 11. Bagwere 12. Bahehe 13. Bahororo 14. Bakenyi 15. Bakiga 16. Bakonzo 17. Banyabindi 18. Banyankore 19. Banyara 20. Banyarwanda 21. Banyole 22. Banyoro 23. Baruli 24. Basamia 25. Basoga 26. Basongora 27. Batagwenda 28. Batoro 29. Batuku 30. Batwa 31. Chope 32. Dodoth 33. Ethur 34. Ik (Teuso) 35. Iteso 36. Jie 37. Jonam 38. Jopadhola 39. Kakwa 40. Karimojong 41. Kebu (Okebu) 42. Kuku 43. Kumam 44. Langi 45. Lendu 46. Lugbara ,Madi ,Mening ,Mvuba ,Napore , Nubi ,Nyangia , Pokot ,Sabiny  So (Tepeth)  Vonoma - For all my life, I have known Uganda as the pearl of Africa. A great explorer Churchill visited Uganda, and he could not resist calling it the pearl of Africa. This did not make any sense to me because I was living in the country. I think it is easier for someone who is  a foreigner to find something valuable in your land than any local citizen because there is always room for comparison between the foreigners country and visited country.

Here are some of the few things that I think make Uganda the pearl, precious, of Africa.

The source of River Nile.

Uganda is home to the source of R.Nile. The source is on Lake Victoria around the Jinja Town- a very known metropolitan city that was dominated by Indian and European settlers. The River Nile is the longest river in the world. The Nile does not stop only in Uganda but continues to Egypt passing into around eleven African countries. For countries like Egypt and Sudan, it  is there major source of water. Another wonder about this river is it has two tributaries, the White Nile and the Blue Nile. The white Nile is the headwaters and primary stream of the Nile itself. The Blue Nile is the source of most of the water and silt. It empties into the Mediterranean sea. The river has contributed to the peace in the region.

The Buganda Kingdom.

The Buganda kingdom is a very large kingdom in Uganda. Most people mistake it with Uganda-they think they are the whole of Uganda belong to the Buganda kingdom. They share a big part in influencing the Uganda’s culture-most of the Ugandan culture has been borrowed from the Baganda.For example,they speak a local language Luganda and almost everyone in the country speaks it. The ladies wear a traditional dress, the gomasi, which is almost wore by all Ugandans. The Kanzu, another traditional men’s dress is also common in all regions of the country. Their staple food the matooke is also common throughout the country. They played a major role in the colonization of Uganda.Their influence is every where throughout the country. They have a consonant in their alphabet which is so unique and not found anywhere in the world.

The Gorillas

Much as these animals are not only in Uganda but in also Rwanda and Congo.These endangered animals are the only surviving mountain gorillas in the world.
These animals are the backbone of the tourism industry of the region. In fact if you check on all tours and travel websites from East Africa, one thing that you shall notice is they all have gorilla trekking safaris in their tour packages. Many of the tourists that visit them say they are the most adventurous animals; some tourists get so much attached to gorillas that they give them names, send them gifts, and visit them occasionally like they would do to a friend.

The only way to do a gorilla trekking trip is by having gorilla permits which are accessible through travel companies like gorilla tour booking www.gorillatourbooking.com.