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Why is Uganda,the precious,pearl of Africa part 1

Acholi 2. Alur 3. Baamba 4. Babukusu 5. Babwisi 6. Bafumbira 7. Baganda 8. Bagisu 9. Bagungu 10. Bagwe 11. Bagwere 12. Bahehe 13. Bahororo 14. Bakenyi 15. Bakiga 16. Bakonzo 17. Banyabindi 18. Banyankore 19. Banyara 20. Banyarwanda 21. Banyole 22. Banyoro 23. Baruli 24. Basamia 25. Basoga 26. Basongora 27. Batagwenda 28. Batoro 29. Batuku 30. Batwa 31. Chope 32. Dodoth 33. Ethur 34. Ik (Teuso) 35. Iteso 36. Jie 37. Jonam 38. Jopadhola 39. Kakwa 40. Karimojong 41. Kebu (Okebu) 42. Kuku 43. Kumam 44. Langi 45. Lendu 46. Lugbara ,Madi ,Mening ,Mvuba ,Napore , Nubi ,Nyangia , Pokot ,Sabiny  So (Tepeth)  Vonoma - For all my life, I have known Uganda as the pearl of Africa. A great explorer Churchill visited Uganda, and he could not resist calling it the pearl of Africa. This did not make any sense to me because I was living in the country. I think it is easier for someone who is  a foreigner to find something valuable in your land than any local citizen because there is always room for comparison between the foreigners country and visited country.

Here are some of the few things that I think make Uganda the pearl, precious, of Africa.

The source of River Nile.

Uganda is home to the source of R.Nile. The source is on Lake Victoria around the Jinja Town- a very known metropolitan city that was dominated by Indian and European settlers. The River Nile is the longest river in the world. The Nile does not stop only in Uganda but continues to Egypt passing into around eleven African countries. For countries like Egypt and Sudan, it  is there major source of water. Another wonder about this river is it has two tributaries, the White Nile and the Blue Nile. The white Nile is the headwaters and primary stream of the Nile itself. The Blue Nile is the source of most of the water and silt. It empties into the Mediterranean sea. The river has contributed to the peace in the region.

The Buganda Kingdom.

The Buganda kingdom is a very large kingdom in Uganda. Most people mistake it with Uganda-they think they are the whole of Uganda belong to the Buganda kingdom. They share a big part in influencing the Uganda’s culture-most of the Ugandan culture has been borrowed from the Baganda.For example,they speak a local language Luganda and almost everyone in the country speaks it. The ladies wear a traditional dress, the gomasi, which is almost wore by all Ugandans. The Kanzu, another traditional men’s dress is also common in all regions of the country. Their staple food the matooke is also common throughout the country. They played a major role in the colonization of Uganda.Their influence is every where throughout the country. They have a consonant in their alphabet which is so unique and not found anywhere in the world.

The Gorillas

Much as these animals are not only in Uganda but in also Rwanda and Congo.These endangered animals are the only surviving mountain gorillas in the world.
These animals are the backbone of the tourism industry of the region. In fact if you check on all tours and travel websites from East Africa, one thing that you shall notice is they all have gorilla trekking safaris in their tour packages. Many of the tourists that visit them say they are the most adventurous animals; some tourists get so much attached to gorillas that they give them names, send them gifts, and visit them occasionally like they would do to a friend.

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