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Popular expensive residential towns in Uganda.

kololo, Munyonyo, Naguru, Muyenga, Bugolobi, Buziga, Ntinda, Entebbe,
These are the most popular expensive towns in Uganda where every Ugandan dreams of living. While compiling this list I took into factors like cost per square meter, security around town, frequency of electricity shortages, and road network.

1. Kololo.

Every Ugandan dream of living in Kololo, the town is located just few meters from the central business district of Uganda. This town is thought of as the most expensive and luxurious place to stay in Uganda. It is home to highly influential figures in Uganda from Businessmen to Politian. The security around the town is good-almost every home has private security. One remarkable factor that people love is their road network-all roads are tarmacked, however living in this town is not cheap. A 100 by 100 feet piece of land costs an average of 1m dollars implying that one square meter costs around 1076 dollars.

2. Naguru

Naguru and Kololo are neighboring towns. No wonder they almost fall into the same category. Security is good, nice road networks and a good view of major hills around Kampala.

3. Munyonyo

People love Munyonyo, and one of the factors that has attributed to this is its location. It’s located at the shores of Lake Victoria, and it’s still not very far from the city Centre. People love water. The security in this place is okay. One of the remarkable hotels in this town is the Speke resort Munyonyo, the hotel that hosted several delegates of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting when it was held in Uganda in 2007.

4. Muyenga.

This residential city is favored by many Ugandans partly because of its history. Muyenga has always been known as a place to be. It is home to several expatriates living and working around Kampala. Security around the town is good.

5. Bugolobi.
If you have been to Bugolobi, you definitely guess why this is a dream home town for many Ugandans. The popular figures in the town are the Bugolobi Flats; these are more than 30 with each having 32 apartments. They have a spacious parking just in front of each building. They were built more than 30 years ago but they are still attractive today.

6. Buziga.

If you are looking for a calm town with a high sense of security, you definitely think of Buziga. For those who love a good view of the Lake Victoria without being at the shores, Buziga is a place to be.

7. Ntinda

Ntinda has many residential homes and a sense of class. I asked someone why he would consider living in Ntinda and he told me Ntinda has always been known as a good residential town. Its history still resonates today. The price of land in this place is average that many average Ugandans find them affordable.

8. Entebbe.

Entebbe is home to Uganda’s International airport and the state house. Many of those who love to travel find Entebbe convenient and the best place to live. There is a high sense of security perhaps due to the presence of the state house. Many expatriates love this town especially those working with the UN.

For sure that is my dream list.

By Micheal Nsobya-CTO gorilla tour booking safaris,

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