Friday, 7 August 2015

Bugolobi Flats created a lasting relationship between Uganda and Israel.

When you are travelling along Port Bell Road in Kampala, there is one thing that your eyes never miss-the Bugolobi Flats. Bugolobi Flats were built in the 1960’s by the Israelites Construction firms. These flats have become a landmark in Bugolobi-a town where they are located. The flats are composed of over 30 blocks with each block having 32 apartments. Why do people love Bugolobi flats?

The place is Unique.

Bugolobi Flats was a very unique project right from the start; up-to-date, I haven’t heard of a project like this. Its uniqueness is in the way they were constructed. They used long-lasting concrete blocks with a unique texture. The architects that were responsible for developing the area really did a great work. The structural engineers were so ambitious; they excelled in designing the beams, columns, and floors of the blocks.

They have good views.

When standing on Balcones of most apartments, you have a chance to see many parts of Luzira including Lake Victoria. Personally, I love the view of Lake Victoria especially when there is a big vessel sailing through-my eyes enjoy it moving from point-to-point. In addition, the cool breeze that comes from the lake is irresistible; you enjoy the life that comes along with it.

The flats are organized.

The blocks are labeled with numbers; each block is divided into four sections which are uniquely identified by letters from A to D. Each section has 8 apartments which are numbered from one to eight; this makes it easy to identify any apartment.

They are safe.

The security at the block is good. What I observed is that some of the residents are army officers with great ranks. Obviously, you sense that kind of security as you’re moving from block to block.

There are many amenities at the flats.

At the block level, you find things like basketball courts. Young guys enjoy the amenities better than anyone else, they get the chance to compete with each other at the block or inter-block level. Several other activities like cycling are enjoyed by almost everyone. I definitely love to see young guys competing in cycling.

The place is tranquil.

Not like other places were you experience noise pollution, there is tranquility at the flats. You literally hear no sound apart from that of moving cars.

Bugolobi is not very far from the city center.

Bugolobi as a town is located approximately 7.5 kilometers from the city center. This makes it a convenient residential area especially for those working in the city.

The mentality of the people is good.

The flats are mainly filled with middle-size income residents. Everyone you meet is highly positive. This is absolutely good for anybody’s thinking. Like they say the society shapes us so much, those who come in with wrong mentalities find themselves changed within a short period of time. Since residents work in vast array of fields, you get many business opportunities and a chance to network with great people.

Bugolobi has seen a remarkable development as a result of Bugolobi flats. Some institutions were specifically set up as a result of the flats-middle east, a known shopping center in Bugolobi, and St.Kizito schools all developed as a result of the flats.

Many modern homes have since been developed around the area making it one of the iconic residential areas in Uganda.

Uganda was blessed to have the Israelites build the Bugolobi flats. I call the Bugolobi flats a long lasting relationship and mark that Israel established with Uganda.

By Nsobya Micheal, CTO of gorilla tour booking safaris,

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