Thursday, 6 August 2015

Why are motorcycles in Uganda dear to its citizens?

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Motorcycles are the easiest means of transport in the country- they have outnumbered the number of cars in the country. There are many factors that have contributed to their success story, and these include:

They are good investments.

Countries where the equity markets are active, a large population of the citizens prefers investing their money in the stock markets. In Uganda, many people own motorcycles as an investment: they hire a motorcyclist who gets paid at the end of the day or depending on the agreed upon time. On average motorcyclist make approximately 15 dollars a day which is a good return on investment given that a new motorcycle costs around 1000 dollars. There are some people especially the Indian –Ugandans who buy motorcycles to drive around town either for business or leisure; this is cheap in terms of oil.

They pass anywhere.
What seems impossible for a vehicle is possible for a motorcycle. There are many different routes that are so narrow that vehicles cannot pass however with the help of the motorcycle; you pass in such inaccessible places.

Good for appointments.
If you are in a hurry with the intention of going for any appointment, the best thing would be to use a motorcycle because they are good at maneuvering around town especially when there is traffic jam. The motorcyclists are knowledgeable about the different routes to the destination-they consider the shortest route to the destination.

They are an alternative to taxis.
The taxis common in the country are the 14-seater taxis. It is uncommon to find these taxis that carry a maximum of four people; these are only seen in places like hotels and at the airports usually carrying travellers. There are many parts of the country where you can’t find the either the 14-seater taxis or the 4-seater taxis- the only means that is used in such places are the motorcycles.

Motorcycles employ a large population.
While other parts of the world consider the technology sector and the health sector as sectors that employ a large population of their citizen, the motorcycles employ a large population: they are used to carry passenger who pay them for their service.

They act as cars for some families.
With most of the population not owning cars, many families find themselves using motorcycles as family cars. How does this work? The family gets a trustable motorcyclist, and save his mobile phone number

The next time something is required, they don’t need to go shops; all they do is call the motorcyclist to get it for them. Some parents have turned them into school vans where there are known motorcyclist who come every day to pick up their children and take them directly to school.
It’s amazing how these little machines have simplified people’s lives.
Most of the tour companies including some of the best names like gorilla tour booking safari, have started offering motor cycles tours where you tour around Kampala-the capital city of Uganda with a well-trained motorcyclist.

By Micheal Nsobya-CTO gorilla tour booking safaris,

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  1. I love to drive bike...this is a amazing experience to make a long drive with my wife name
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