Thursday, 18 August 2016

Why everyone must visit Uganda?

People always ask themselves questions as to why you should visit a place. Some go to the extent of looking out for activities that suit their lifestyle. Well! If you are to enjoy your trip, always leave room for the unexpected-try out the unexpected. The reason why I put up this article is to reference to the great words used by Churchill Winston when he called Uganda, the pearl of Africa. This was during when he decided to visit Uganda, and after his visitation, there was no phrase to express what he had seen. All he thought of was Uganda is the pearl of Africa. Trying to read his mind, I want to dive into his thoughts at that time and get a big picture of what could have gone up in his mind.
 Here are some of places or activities that you need to visit while in Uganda.

Bwindi Impenetrable national park.
Bwindi Impenetrable is one of the remarkable national parks to think about. This is because of the great wild beasts, the gorillas that live in this forest. Gorillas are sought to have characters like those of human beings. There is no way I can begin to explain all that I know about the gorillas. I encourage you to take a personal trip to discover for yourself. What makes these gorillas special is that fact that mountains gorillas around the world are only found in Uganda, Rwanda, and Democratic republic of Congo.

Source of R.Nile.
If you are traveller or someone who knows history, I believe you have heard about R.Nile. The source of R.Nile is in Uganda at Jinja. Jinja is a quiet place which is a 3 hours’ drive from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. It is normally a hub for tourists who come to the region to carryout different activities. This is a must-see and because of its Uniqueness, Mr. Churchill was wrong with his conclusions.

Bird watching.
I think you have been to countries where you never see birds. Here is in Uganda, birds are everywhere however not every species is everywhere-there are places where you find different species. Uganda is home to more 1000 species of birds. This is country that you shall leave at least without seeing a peculiar bird.

Uganda martyrs.
On June 3rd every year, it is a public holiday in Uganda. This is because it is the day when the Uganda martyrs where killed. Like any martyr, these were killed on orders of the king because of their faith. The memorial site in a place called Namugongo. You can’t miss this history.

Kabaka’s  lake.
This is largest man-made lake in Africa. People showed love for the king by digging this Lake. The royals in Uganda are one of the most respected people in Uganda.

Uganda’s culture.
Uganda has over 60 different tribes; and you know every tribe has its culture: political, social, economic and artistic. Now imagine all these tribes being encapsulated in one area, they form something amazing. This is Uganda for you.

Different wildlife.
Every country has wildlife but each wildlife pretty differs. This is amazing. Uganda has several wildlife species that are worthy your time of view. You need to see some of the animals for yourself.

Unique food.
Uganda is a food haven. You shall find lots of food species in this country. There countries you walk into and you shall never see things like jackfruit trees, guava trees, and so on but here you are able to see and even take the fruit of it if it’s the season.

From all those perspective, I can only imagine Uganda as the pearls of Africa and this verifies Churchill Winston’s statement.

For those that would like to come and see this marvelous homeland, all you need is to book a tour with gorilla tour booking safaris,

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

How to write a gorilla trekking and wildlife safari review in Uganda. and

Reviews are one of the most powerful tools that travelers use to express their judgment about their trip. If you a traveler how do you begin the process of writing a review?

To write review, you must be well prepared to narrate your experience to the world.
Although there are many traveler sites that enable people to write reviews. There are only two widely used sites in Uganda: safari booking, and
All you need is to search out for the company that you traveled with. In most cases you shall find its profile all on those two sites.

After signing up or signing in, you locate the official pages of the company and start writing your review.

A review can be anything from a thank you to the company or guide that you traveled with, a detailed explanation of how you enjoyed your journey, or the little problems that you encountered, to something completely different. I would simply say just write your feeling; how was your journey?

 Did you enjoy it?
There is no limit to the number of words you use while writing a review. You just have to write until you have fully expressed yourself.

Do I need to write a review for every trip I go to?

The answer is absolutely no. You don’t need to write a review for every trip. There is no penalty for not writing a review. Tour operator companies need your review to see the kind of feedback they receive from their clients. This helps them to take every step to be better as a company.

From a personal experience at gorilla tour booking safaris,, I have seen a number of clients writing reviews about our company; I would say this is always one of our happiest moments because we know that whether a review is good or bad, it is going to contribute towards our growth.

Uganda’s E-visa.

Picture from

The E-visa platform was commemorated on July 1st 2016 during the start of a busy traveller season. I believe one of the major reasons is to ease on the process.
Here is some of the information you need to know about the about the E-visa.
I’m going concentrate on specific types of visa during my explanations. These are the type of visa that almost any adventurer tourist would want.
The East Africa Tourist Visa.
Multiple entry visa
Ordinary visa.

You can apply for one of these visas to fulfill your adventure ambitions using the E-visa platform:

The East Africa Tourist visa:
The East Africa tourist visa allows a tourist to travel between the Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. The holder of the visa normally moves from the country that issued the visa, let say Uganda, to Kenya and Rwanda in this case without applying for domestic visa. This is convenient for those that come to do activities that span among these countries. For example some of the itineraries are designed such that you do gorilla trekking in both Rwanda and Uganda. In such a case, this visa would suite that appropriate situation.

To apply for this visa using the Uganda’s E-visa platform:
You shall need the following documents.

A copy of the passport (Bio-data page), travel itinerary, copy of the recent passport size photograph, Vaccination certificate ( Yellow fever), and a return ticket.
The fee for such a visa is $100.

Ordinary visa-single entry visa.
Those who plan on doing activities within the Ugandan border, you can apply for an ordinary visa, single entry visa.

The documents required for such a visa are:
A copy of the passport (Bio-data page), Vaccination certificate (Yellow fever),and Copy of the recent passport size photograph. The fee for such a visa is $50.

Multiple entry-visas.
The multi-entry visa suits those who feel like entering the country several times during the span of the visa. You can come in and go out and then in and out repeatedly as long as the visa is still valid.
The documents required are:

A copy of the passport (Bio-data page), Vaccination certificate( Yellow fever),and Copy of the recent passport size photograph, Police clearance from Interpol or home country, Recommendation letters from 2 referees in Uganda, and a cover letter stating reasons for multiple entry. The fee for such a visa is $100.

After submission of all those required documents,
You shall receive a notification with an application Number which you shall use to track the application.
 You shall receive an email notification detailing the steps to be taken, with an attachment of the e-visa approval to travel. The attachment should be printed and presented to Immigration Officers as proof that the e-visa was approved.

In case the application is deferred, it can be sent back for amendment by the applicant or more documents requested by the processing Immigration Officer
If you are successful with your visa, you shall pay for the visas at the Points of Entry (The Uganda border of entry)

We at gorilla tour booking safaris,, greatly encourage those who are going to travel with us to use the e-visa because of its efficiency.
For more information visit

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Tips for traveling with children in Uganda for a holiday/vacation.

Tips for traveling with children in Uganda for a holiday/vacation.
When you are planning to go on vacation with your family, you need to consider these tips for traveling with children.  Children are nice and lovely being around with; however to fully enjoy your trip, you need to take care of them so well. Here are some of the tips to fully enjoy your vacation.

Plan in advance.

There is no short cut to enjoy the best moments with your children. You need to plan in advance for your journey. It is always better to consider making your bookings. If you plan in advance, you shall have the time to look out for discounted flights. Always there are discounts to be offered but sometimes the prices become so competitive during the peak season so the best advice would be to search out for cheap flights before time. If it is possible, make some deposits on flights. After finding the best flight to Uganda, the next thing is to find the best hotel. This surely depends on the amount of money you are willing to pay. There are luxury hotels, mid-range hotels, and budget hotels. Normally in Uganda, people come do to several activities such as gorilla trekking. Ensure that you have already decided on what you are going to do. If you are planning on doing activities, hire a tour operator. Do-it-yourself is almost impossible in cases where you have kids. For those who would wish to go for gorilla trekking, ensure that your kids are above 16 years because this is the acceptable age for gorilla trekking. In addition, ensure that you have booked your gorilla permits. Gorilla permits in Uganda cost around 600 USD per individual. You can book permits with the help of your tour operators. Companies like gorilla tour booking safaris,, are reputable for gorilla trekking. Check them out for their services.

Consider the climate.
You can travel to Uganda all-year round since the weather is so convenient. Kids tend to fall sick if they are not properly dressed. It is always better to dress them well. Pack their gloves, shoes, jackets or sweaters.

Don’t go for camping.
For sure in most cases children are not ready to go for camping especially in countries like Uganda. Of course adults can do that but I wouldn’t advise children to try that. Why? In case of changes around the camp, Adults can always adjust according.

Remember mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes are a threat to humanity in some way. There is absolutely a cure for it but to avoid catching the disease, carry mosquito repellants. Of course, in case you get sick; you can be treated and be cured so don’t get scared about travelling to Uganda. Although there are mosquitoes like in many other African countries, not everyone gets sick of malaria. In fact some spend years without catching the infection.

Don’t use public transport.
Public transport is not good for your kids in Uganda. They would be treated to surprise. It is not that a risk affair but I would advise car hiring. Hiring a car shall make your kids comfortable. They shall be able to enjoy the sights without any issue. The problem with public system is being squeezed. Toyota vans are the most used means of public transport used in Uganda, they carry 14 passengers but there times when they add an extra person, this is of course illegal but it’s in many times done. To fully enjoy your trip with your kids, go for a car hire. The good thing if you were coming to Uganda on a planned itinerary by a tour operator, you shall not worry about public transport because all the time, you shall be using their vehicles.

Keep kids engaged.
Kids love to play so you might as well consider getting things that keep them busy. Buy them games. There are times when you shall need your time, to get this time. You need your kids engaged. This is the way forward. Enjoy your time with the kids.

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How the East Africa Tourist Visa is going to boost tourism in East Africa. just for $100

For any tourist that has visited the East Africa region, you well know that you require a visa to guarantee your entry into each East African country. This means that if you plan on visiting Uganda and Rwanda, you ought to get visas for those two countries. This is somehow inconveniencing for those who want a fast service delivery. The solution to that is the East Africa Tourist Visa. The East Africa tourist Visa is a multiple entry visa that shall allow you to travel to Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda. This simply means if you get this visa, you are free to travel to any of those countries without applying for their specific country visa. This visa was agreed upon by the heads of states of Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya as a way of promoting tourism within the region.

How the East Africa Tourist Visa is going to boost tourism in East Africa. just for $100

How to apply.

The application for this visa shall be carried out at any diplomatic representation of the republic of Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. This shall fully depend on where you are going to start your journey. Let’s say if you want to visit Rwanda first, all you do is to go to the Rwandan diplomatic offices and apply for the East Africa Tourist Visa. For those that shall consider Uganda and Kenya as your first destination, you need to apply at their immigration offices respectively. The visa is valid for 90 days. This means the holder can enter multiple times through the Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda as long as it is still valid however the holder first entry point should be the country where he applied for the visa.
Work shall not be permitted and the East Africa Tourist Visa shall not be extended. The application fee for the visa shall be 100 dollars.

Application Requirements.

 One clear colored passport size photo with a white background, and it should be recently taken.
A complete filled application form and a Visa application letter addressed to the issuing authority of the concerned country.

East African residents of Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya don’t need to apply for the visa. All they require is a valid national ID or student ID to enjoy their travel across all the three countries.
How is this going to impact tourism in East Africa?

My major concern was how this was going to impact tourism in East Africa so I sat down with a tourism expert Mr. Ronnie Mawejje -consultant of gorilla tour booking safaris, and this is what he told me.

He gave me scenarios of their clients who are interested in gorilla trekking: they often want to trek gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda in the same itinerary. Always they are required to pay visas for Uganda and Rwanda. This is somehow disturbing for them because they often have to go through almost the same process twice. Now with the East Africa tourist visa, this problem is going to be solved. However what shall remain is that these types of tourists shall still be required to pay for gorilla permits of both countries. Tour operators like gorilla tour booking safaris hope that this shall create a tourism virus among the East African residents something that all tour operators want to see.