Thursday, 18 August 2016

Why everyone must visit Uganda?

People always ask themselves questions as to why you should visit a place. Some go to the extent of looking out for activities that suit their lifestyle. Well! If you are to enjoy your trip, always leave room for the unexpected-try out the unexpected. The reason why I put up this article is to reference to the great words used by Churchill Winston when he called Uganda, the pearl of Africa. This was during when he decided to visit Uganda, and after his visitation, there was no phrase to express what he had seen. All he thought of was Uganda is the pearl of Africa. Trying to read his mind, I want to dive into his thoughts at that time and get a big picture of what could have gone up in his mind.
 Here are some of places or activities that you need to visit while in Uganda.

Bwindi Impenetrable national park.
Bwindi Impenetrable is one of the remarkable national parks to think about. This is because of the great wild beasts, the gorillas that live in this forest. Gorillas are sought to have characters like those of human beings. There is no way I can begin to explain all that I know about the gorillas. I encourage you to take a personal trip to discover for yourself. What makes these gorillas special is that fact that mountains gorillas around the world are only found in Uganda, Rwanda, and Democratic republic of Congo.

Source of R.Nile.
If you are traveller or someone who knows history, I believe you have heard about R.Nile. The source of R.Nile is in Uganda at Jinja. Jinja is a quiet place which is a 3 hours’ drive from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. It is normally a hub for tourists who come to the region to carryout different activities. This is a must-see and because of its Uniqueness, Mr. Churchill was wrong with his conclusions.

Bird watching.
I think you have been to countries where you never see birds. Here is in Uganda, birds are everywhere however not every species is everywhere-there are places where you find different species. Uganda is home to more 1000 species of birds. This is country that you shall leave at least without seeing a peculiar bird.

Uganda martyrs.
On June 3rd every year, it is a public holiday in Uganda. This is because it is the day when the Uganda martyrs where killed. Like any martyr, these were killed on orders of the king because of their faith. The memorial site in a place called Namugongo. You can’t miss this history.

Kabaka’s  lake.
This is largest man-made lake in Africa. People showed love for the king by digging this Lake. The royals in Uganda are one of the most respected people in Uganda.

Uganda’s culture.
Uganda has over 60 different tribes; and you know every tribe has its culture: political, social, economic and artistic. Now imagine all these tribes being encapsulated in one area, they form something amazing. This is Uganda for you.

Different wildlife.
Every country has wildlife but each wildlife pretty differs. This is amazing. Uganda has several wildlife species that are worthy your time of view. You need to see some of the animals for yourself.

Unique food.
Uganda is a food haven. You shall find lots of food species in this country. There countries you walk into and you shall never see things like jackfruit trees, guava trees, and so on but here you are able to see and even take the fruit of it if it’s the season.

From all those perspective, I can only imagine Uganda as the pearls of Africa and this verifies Churchill Winston’s statement.

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