Wednesday, 27 July 2016

How to write a gorilla trekking and wildlife safari review in Uganda. and

Reviews are one of the most powerful tools that travelers use to express their judgment about their trip. If you a traveler how do you begin the process of writing a review?

To write review, you must be well prepared to narrate your experience to the world.
Although there are many traveler sites that enable people to write reviews. There are only two widely used sites in Uganda: safari booking, and
All you need is to search out for the company that you traveled with. In most cases you shall find its profile all on those two sites.

After signing up or signing in, you locate the official pages of the company and start writing your review.

A review can be anything from a thank you to the company or guide that you traveled with, a detailed explanation of how you enjoyed your journey, or the little problems that you encountered, to something completely different. I would simply say just write your feeling; how was your journey?

 Did you enjoy it?
There is no limit to the number of words you use while writing a review. You just have to write until you have fully expressed yourself.

Do I need to write a review for every trip I go to?

The answer is absolutely no. You don’t need to write a review for every trip. There is no penalty for not writing a review. Tour operator companies need your review to see the kind of feedback they receive from their clients. This helps them to take every step to be better as a company.

From a personal experience at gorilla tour booking safaris,, I have seen a number of clients writing reviews about our company; I would say this is always one of our happiest moments because we know that whether a review is good or bad, it is going to contribute towards our growth.

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