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Some of the Shopping malls in Uganda.

Some of the Shopping malls in Uganda.
In the 1990’s there was nothing like big shopping malls in Uganda however things have changed since then. The rise of big shopping malls started with Garden city shopping mall which is the oldest shopping mall in Uganda. These malls draw a large number of visitors who come to relax, shop, eat, bank, and do other activities.
Here is the list of the shopping malls in Uganda.

Garden City Uganda

This is the oldest shopping mall in Kampala and Uganda. The shopping mall is located along Yusuf Lule road .It’s location is just good to attract visitors who want to get out the Central Business Centre, and go shopping in a cool, quite place. The shopping mall is well planned especially with its parking-there is just enough parking space to accommodate 100s of cars. The parking space architect adds beauty to the shopping mall. The mall has good relaxing benches on all flours; you can relax and make good plans about what you want to shop.  The centric design of the restaurant space at the second and first floor add great beauty to the mall. Supermarkets, Uchumi and Capital shoppers, situated at the mall attract numbers of shoppers. If you are moving around the mall, there are brands that easily recognizable. These include: Bata, a shoe shop; Aristoc booklex, a book shop; Woolworth-fashion house with high end designs; and worth Avenue, a perfume shop. For those interested in dinning out, there are several restaurants to check out-dominos, café pap, sound cup, and many more.

Nakumatt Oasis mall Uganda.

Nakumatt oasis mall is next to garden city along Yusuf Lule road. Nakumatt supermarket occupies most of the space in the mall however there are other businesses located at the mall. Java café is one of the businesses that you automatically recognize when you’re at the mall-the place is many times parked with expatriates. For those who love Mediterranean foods, you should definitely check out this mall; there are specialty restaurants that offer simply that.

Metroplex shopping mall Uganda.

Why come to the city center to experience noise and traffic of all sorts yet you can easily access the same services which are offered in the city Centre. To me, this is the reason behind the construction of metroplex shopping mall-the mall all the services that you would probably get in the city Centre. The mall is situated in Naalya nearby the Northern bypass, one of the remarkable road construction projects in Uganda. The place is too quite that you might think no-one is in the mall. For those residents who stay in Naalya, Ntinda, and other neighboring parts, I would consider this mall as their mall because it strategically targets residents from those areas however anyone can simply go shop over there. The good thing with the mall is it has its website where you get more information it,www.metroplexmall.com.

Freedom city Uganda

This is one of the most ambitious projects situated along Entebbe road, a main high way that leads to Entebbe International airport. The project inspired so many people because everyone that passed along the road wondered at what was taking place; people could ask themselves questions as to what it was-many suspected it to be a very enormous hotel .To this day, the shopping mall added value to the Entebbe highway- a lot of beauty was added. I mean, this shopping mall looks beautiful. The freedom city mall was constructed by a popular businessman, Sebalamu, who owns several other building in the city center. He said that his inspiration was taken from Garden city-another shopping mall; he dreamt of owning something like that. Finally, he dreams were conceptualized and now we have Freedom City. Stunning features at the mall include two swimming pools, one for the kids and mature people, the kids play center-with several games which they definitely enjoy.

Village Mall Bugolobi.

The mall is situated in Bugolobi in a predominantly luxurious community of Bugolobi. Because of its location, many big brands have been attracted to the mall. Brands like Nakumatt supermarket, Barclays Bank, and MTN have made it their home. What attracted most of the attention of the residents is the establishment of KFC- a USA-based restaurant chain with a global presence in more than 120 countries. This was KFC’s first restaurant in the country.

Lugogo Mall Uganda.

Lugogo mall was among the first establishment of the shopping mall experience in Uganda. The mall is located in Lugogo, a suburb of Kampala, with predominately two major supermarkets-Shoprite and game; both having origins from South Africa. Other establishments include coffee shops, pharmacies, handicrafts shops, MTN customers’ center, UTL consumers’ center, and many more.

Forest Mall Uganda

This mall is located just behind and next to Lugogo mall. It’s a very quiet mall offering all the amenities that would deserve for a better life. Remarkable business at this site include Air Asante, an air charter; banks including Centenary bank, Ecobank, standard chartered; bakeries like International bakery; beauty parlors- PuriSpa, Sparkles salon; pharmacies, IMG Pharmaceuticals ltd.

Victoria mall Entebbe.

This is a newly constructed mall that is situated in Entebbe-Uganda. It is a spacious mall with great beauty. The mall has attracted famous local and international businesses; these include: KFC-the restaurant chain mainly known for its delicious chicken.

Acacia Mall Uganda

The mall has changed the face of Bukoto where it is located. It’s owned by the gulfstream investment, a subsidiary of Mukwano group of companies. Truly it’s great mall with restaurants, spas, and many more.

Tirupati shopping mall Uganda.

This mall is one of the most strategically positioned malls. It is on Ggaba road and a few meters from the American Embassy. It is the nearby mall to all people who stay along Ggaba road. It is owned by Tirupati developments.

Uganda is on better waves as it regards to shopping malls. Though most people may not have noticed their influence apart from seeing their beauty, there is too much impact they have had on our societies: people have got jobs in the malls, many residents are now having a better shopping experience, and our kids are playing better.

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