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Airstrips in Uganda National Parks.

Airstrips in Uganda National  Parks.
If you’re a accustomed to using air transport as a means of transport or if you just want to add luxury to your journey, visiting game parks while you are using air transport might be the best for you. Most major Ugandan game parks have airstrips and the journeys to the many game parks take a maximum of one and thirty minutes from Entebbe Airport. For any tourist who is planning to use air transport for your journey, you must ensure that the park you are going to visit at least has an airstrip. Below is the list of game parks and their respective airstrips.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
This game park is famous for gorilla trekking activities. The park is situated inside Bwindi Impenetrable forest. The park is near Uganda-Democratic republic of Congo border. Apart from gorillas, there are many other animals that are worthy a visit. These include the Columbus monkeys, chimpanzees, 348 species of birds, 220 species of butterflies, frogs, geckos, chameleons, and many more. There are two airstrips in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park: Kihihi and Kisoro airstrips.

Kisoro airstrip.
The airport is located in southwestern Uganda approximately 343 kilometers from Entebbe airport. It takes less than 90 minutes to travel from Entebbe to Bwindi Impenetrable forest.

Kihihi airstrip.
The airstrip basically serves the lshasha part of Queen Elizabeth National park and the Buhoma side of Bwindi impenetrable National Forest. These flights have minimum group size so it is always better to confirm with the air charter company to see how they do their business.

Queen National Elizabeth park.
Queen Elizabeth National park features as the most visited national parks. According to gorilla tour booking safari limited,, they say most of their clients love Queen Elizabeth National park because of the activities at the park. When at the park, you normally take a game drive where you get the opportunity to watch the big 5 and other animals. The boat cruise is liked by many. Here you stand the chance to see hippos and various creatures living in water while taking beautiful scenic views of nature. Kasese and Mweya airstrip are affiliated with Queen Elizabeth National park.

Mweya airstrip.
This serves the Mweya region and Queen Elizabeth national park. It is located 283 Kilometers from Entebbe airport.

Kasese airport.
Kasese is among the internal airport that is in the redevelopment stage into an international airport. It is located 262 kilometers by air from Entebbe International airport.

Murchison fall National Park.
The park has lots of wildlife: the lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, Uganda Kobs, Chimpanzees, and many more. The vegetation at the park is mainly savannah, and woodland. The Nile falls through a narrow gorge whose banks are packed by hippos and crocodiles, waterbucks, and buffaloes. Pakuba
 and chobe airstrips are accessible around Murchison fall National park.

Pakuba airstrip.
This is becoming famous around the regions and it is 275 kilometers by air north-west of Entebbe International Airport.

Chobe airstrip.
The Chobe airstrip is owned by Chobe safari lodge.

Semuliki National Park.
This was officiated in 1993 as a national park. It is located along Uganda-DRC border. There is a lot of wildlife to see at the park; there are forest buffalos, leopards, hippos, monkeys, bush babies, civets, elephants, and flying squirrels. Hot springs are common in the park. The forest in the park is home to the Batwa people, an indigenous community who still largely live as hunter-gatherers. The only airstrip around the region is the semliki airstrip.

Kidepo Valley National Park.
The park is located in kaabong district, in the northeastern corner of Uganda.  Kanangarok hot spring is a common feature in the park. The spring is the most permanent source of water in the park. There is a reasonable wildlife in the park with lion, cheetah, leopard, battered fox, giraffes, and many more. Apoka airstrip is the only airstrip nearby the park.

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