Saturday, 26 September 2015

Beef is cheaper than chicken in Uganda.

Beef is cheaper than chicken in Uganda.
It is surprising to see that the price of beef is cheaper than chicken in Uganda. I lived in Algeria for some time as a student and I remember the prices of Beef were really high. We were used to eating chicken. I almost got tired of it because I found myself eating it almost every day. This wasn’t for my own case but for all my friends. By then, a kilogram of meat in Uganda would cost around shs.5000 which was around 200 DA, Algerian dinar. And in Algeria it would cost around 550 DA. Although price of the Ugandan beef has doubled to shs.10000, it is still relatively cheaper compared to the price of chicken.

The question is why is beef cheaper than chicken.
The most general answer would come down to the forces of demand and supply. There is enough supply compared to the demand. It is true that the demand for beef keeps on increasing but many more people keep on rearing cattle. Hence no matter the increase in demand, there is always enough supply.

It’s part of culture.
There are some tribes in Uganda like the Karamajong and the Banyakole where it is part of their culture to own cattle. No matter how much you have invested in other businesses; for some, if you don’t own cattle, many won’t regard you as a rich man. From the investment view, I would somewhat consider it true. Cattle is expensive these days and there are lots of products we get out of them. Biogas fuel, milk, and meat are all obtained from cattle.

Cattle is part of the dowry system.
Everybody knows the true joy that comes along marriage. Cattle has played a big role in the dowry system of some ethnic groups in Uganda because of the value it is associated with. Knowing that cattle is valuable, people want it to play a part in the dowry system. I have heard people marvel at the number of cattle brought to the introduction ceremony of some bride.  This is mostly where people judge to say it was a great ceremony. Well, this might be a cultural shock for some countries where bride values the precious stones as the true value.

There are so many initiatives from the government to private institutions that ensure that there is more rearing of cattle.

On the chicken side, many people have always kept chicken to serve their subsistence ways. Very few farmers have taken on large projects. However this is changing as many are realizing the profitability of it.

If you are living in a nation where you beef is expensive than beef. Always think of Uganda. You have to line up just to buy liver; it is always available especially in the morning hours until midday in most butchers.

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